Anatole is hilarious. He hates dogma. He has been a profound help in my life. He cuts through the BS, and gets to the nitty-gritty.

Randy Goldberg
Family Constellation Therapist
Washington, DC


I want to acknowledge the benefits of coaching that I have received from my dear friend, Dr. Anatole Ruslanov. I have benefitted from his wisdom and advice for about 15 years. His observations and support have been invaluable in my work as a psychiatrist. His honest feedback has tremendously helped me gain confidence in my own judgments about the causes of my patients suffering and also with my decisions about how to help them enhance their strengths. His wisdom has been conveyed with warm heartedness, compassion and humor. I’ve also learned simply from being his close friend. I’ve been inspired by his perseverance and I have observed him overcome his own challenges and struggles in the process of becoming a successful university professor, while simultaneously creating and running a beneficial non-profit. I’ve not met anyone with as much willingness and ability to look at himself honestly, nor with more integrity than Anatole.

Cliff J. Straehley, MD
Board certified psychiatrist
Fair Oaks, California


I enjoyed Dr. Anatole’s energy immediately. Our initial session revealed to me that his wisdom, generous spirit and energy would provide me the space to allow and indeed empower my growth. Combining his life experience, passion and humor, Dr. Anatole inspired me to stretch. With gentle nudges and reflections my confidence grew, as well as my toolbox to maintain that confidence level.  I always felt that he heard me and understood me. I feel that what makes his style of coaching so unique and powerful is his genuine unmistakable enjoyment of coaching. I always left our session feeling energized, feeling so good about myself. The combination of his talents makes coaching with Dr. Anatole not only a successful collaboration but also one you will remember.

Beth Gray
Positive Focus Life Coach
Toronto, Ontario


Anatole is my dear friend and spiritual teacher. I enjoy meditating with him and talking to him about matters of life and spirit. One of my most powerful memories of connecting with Anatole was a brief meditation with him where we held hands. His energy immediately connected me to the power of the universe. I felt a sense of vast openness, love, and support. I continue to feel these qualities from him whenever I connect with him. I feel understood when I talk to him and find his insights extremely useful in my life.

Sherry Paris
Teacher of mathematics, dance, and spirit
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Dr. Anatole is an extraordinary and gifted mentor. His advice is always well thought out and comes from a deep well of wisdom. His sensitivity is ever-present, and his concern for my material and spiritual well-being is genuine. His abilities come not only from an extensive formal education, but from personal dedication and self-study as well as experiences on his own spiritual path.

Ms. Jamie Chandler
Professional Engineer
Salt Lake City, Utah


I was looking for a spiritual coach, so I almost expected someone “airy fairy.” Anatole had a very straightforward and almost worldly personality, and a dry sense of humor. What I could tell immediately is that he was extremely wise spiritually, and knowledgeable about the topic, and very intelligent, all of which were very appealing to me. As the time went on and our relationship grew, I began to look forward to our sessions and noticed that I gained a lot out of them. I see that there are a lot of internal changes happening, which I am sure will lead to the manifestation of what I’m pursuing very soon. Anatole has definitely set me on the right path. Now that our sessions are over I miss them immensely.

Sharlene Aoki Oshiro
Professional Life Coach and Intuitive
Honolulu, Hawaii