My clients are friends

I don’t like to call my “clients” clients because they are my friends.

We keep friends because we love them for who they are — and by the “benefits” they provide us. These benefits vary from tangible to intangible. We like friends for their energy, cooking ability, wisdom, humor, etc. We “keep” people around us who make us feel good. It is a two-way relationship.

A mentor/coach is an expertly wise friend that everyone wants to have. I fancy myself such a professional friend. My “client friends” come to me for advice, for my ability to ask the right questions, for my knowledge of the world — both this one and the hidden one, and for my ability to create space where my friends can relax and grow toward more meaning and purpose in their life, more passion, and joy.

My interest is to be the most useful friend that you will ever have. I also wants you to be my friend — a useful friend. Thus, we meet and exchange our gifts.

If we are to mention money, good coaching/mentoring is always cheaper than the alternative — because wasted time (or wasted life) is always more expensive than the alternative. We spend a lot of time (and money) on things and thoughts that do not bring us what we want. If your life becomes better beyond what you thought was possible, how valuable would that be to you?

My work is life-changing work. My actual experience with clients makes me confident that I can deliver — that this is not an empty promise.