How we work together

Here is how we work together:

You prepay. After that — for the duration of the period — I will be available day and night to take your calls, texts, and emails. We will have private meetings — which are phone or video sessions — several times a week, as needed by you, scheduled conveniently for you. The sessions must happen at least once a week to keep the momentum going.

I take on no more that four persons at a time so that you will get real individual attention. I do not do group sessions. These dilute and cheapen the process, in my experience.

My fees go as follows:

6 month engagement — $20,000.00
12 month engagement — $30,000.00
24 month engagement — $50,000.00

In my experience — to really get the energy moving and to really get you unstuck — 6 month engagement is not enough. At six months, most people want to quit, impatient for the results and dissatisfied with their own excuses, they want to play the blame game. For your own benefit, I found that 12 to 24 months is about right to form new skills and patterns of behavior. The duration should depend on how stuck or stubborn you are. You know yourself what duration is best to choose. I am sure I can fix and transform your life in that — reasonable — period. Efficiency also means to give it enough time and money.

It is best if you have already done counseling/therapy to the point that it is no longer useful for you. I like to work with people who are aware of their “issues” and want to fly, rather than survive.

Working with me is effective. I am not into gimmicks or insipidĀ platitudes. Obviously, you need to be ready and motivated, not perfectly but enough. Let me determine your readiness, especially if you are hesitant.

Fees are not refundable because I do not want you to make excuses, and that one is one of them.

If working with you will contain a significant spiritual component, your fee can be treated as a tax-deductible donation.