How to find happiness?

There is a cultural pressure to be happy, content, and smiling. But most of us carry deep anguish within ourselves. We are socialized to expertly hide this unhappiness. We deny it by stuffing it so deep that we seldom become aware of it.

If you want to be happy, you will have to remove two spiritual maladies:

The first malady is that you don’t know what you want. The second malady is that you get confused and thrown around by your own built-in conflicting authenticities — various parts that make you up and have conflicting priorities.

The first malady: When you begin focusing your attention on discovering what you really want out of your life, you discover that what you were conditioned to seek is not what you really want.

Second malady: you want to be happy and assume that running around looking for pleasure will bring happiness. Yet, you fail to notice that “getting things” can only offer a temporary satiation, not permanent and deep satisfaction. This is a great game Nature plays with you: it lets your multiple authenticities run free and wild.

The symptoms of these maladies are craving for ‘love’, attention, reassurance, consolation, and sympathy, while feeling loneliness, alienation, frustration and dissatisfaction. Using your intelligence to put a lid on these symptoms does not really solve the problem.

A good mentor or life coach will help you figure out proper ways to remedy these maladies.