Coach asks the client questions that help him see better into the future and develop clarity about what actions are necessary to bring more meaning, purpose, passion and joy into his life. The commitment of time and money is all that is required. Mentoring is the next step, bringing deeper engagement. Start with coaching or reading my books, if unsure.

When you have better idea about what you want (clarity), the meaning also increases in your life. Even though seeking meaning is an ego trip, it is absolutely the best one around.

You feel a greater sense of purpose when you are closer to knowing your mission (clarity again). Mission is that unique task — usually big — that you feel you are supposed to accomplish to make your life significant — to you and to a lesser extent to others. This could be being the best father you can be, or saving the penguins of Antarctica, or becoming an enlightened Buddha after years of meditation. Serving a wrong purpose is a sure way to be really unhappy in your life; unhappiness is a symptom that you have not yet tuned into your real purpose.

Surely, you have heard about living your life passionately. But how do you do it? Passion comes from being authentic with respect to your deeper self, a state beyond selfishness.

Most people live a manufactured life — mechanical, unconscious, and therefore dull. Obviously the degree of this malaise varies from person to person. I like to work with people who are becoming aware of the dullness and want to open up. They are no longer interested in arguing.

Happiness is a state of being that should not depend on anything external — because it can be taken from you. We feel joy when our life is meaningful, when we sense our purpose and pursue it with passion — because we have enough clarity to see the road ahead, usually no more than one or a few steps at the time.

Happiness is following your inner call for moving forward in life, not being stuck.

Happiness is an attitude. It is a mental orientation toward the positive. It is a choice away from negative crap that does not really concern you because you can do nothing about it.

Happiness is being in tune with your soul that knows where you should go or what you should do next. That is why happiness is ultimately about shifting your attention to your spirit.

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